We Now have Two Great locations with easy access to Cottee River Boat ramp and Anclote River Park Boat ramp

We are now your local ST. Croix Dealer

Rods designed and made in the USA


Legend, Avid Pearl, Avid, TideMaster, Premeir, Mojo and Triumph

We are now your local TopShelf Shimano Dealer

Check out our Shimano page or stop inn and see for yourself. Anything Shimano you are looking we got it.

Most of all:

REELS: Stardic CI4+, Sustain FG, Symetre FL, etc.

RODS: Talavera, Teramar, Crucial, etc.

We have all the NEW Conflicts here in store

2014 Penn Conflict Spinning Reel

We now have the

NEW Penn Conflict 2014 model


-7+1 Sealed SS ball bearings

-Fully sealed bearing system

-Techno-Balanced rotor

-Keyed the drag washers into

the spool increseing your drag

by 20% more than the Battle

-Lighter than the Battle reel by3-10%

-Designed for lighter wieght inshore Anglers



Video on Conflict reel

at bottom of page.

The Star Rods are Here!!!

Star Rods

Your new Star Rod dealer!

All your Star Rod needs wether inshore or offshore.

The Savage TPE Manic Shrimp have arrived!!!!

Savage Gear Lures


Savage Gear TPE Manic Shrimp

The Savage Gear TPE Manic Shrimp is a lifelike shrimp lure designed with an anatomically accurate profile and swimming action imitating small shrimp and crayfish. The TPE Manic Shrimp is perhaps the most realistic shrimp bait ever created. Designed from 3D scans of real shrimp, the TPE Manic Shrimp is incredibly detailed with every appendage carefully crafted to not only look real, but also possess a natural movement. Inshore saltwater sport fish see more specialized angling pressure today than any time in History. For this reason Savage Gear set out to make one of the most life-like shrimp baits possible in both looks and underwater movements to trigger these pressured fish into biting. we offer the TPE Manic Shrimp in the 2.5" size which weighs in at 3/25oz and possesses a slow sinking action. The TPE Shrimp is intended to be rigged with a shank weighted EWG hook in order to keep the bait level as it sinks and swims.

Manic Shrimp Features
  • Based on 3D Scans from a Real Shrimp.
  • Specially designed tail for life like kicking action.
  • Ultra-realistic paint jobs perfectly mimic many shrimp species.
  • Exaggerated legs and antenna for life like actions on the fall or retrieve.
  • The tail section is infused with Nylon mesh to help prevent tearing on the hook set or from short bites.
  • Rigged with a weighted ultra-sharp EWG hook.

Freedom Lure Jigs

A few have arrived but the majority are still on back order. =(

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J & J Bait and Tackle

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